Tzeeporim (4 year old class)

Our Tzeeporim classes are for children four years of age by September 1, 2013.  We offer the Florida State sponsored Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK). For a minimal monthly fee, we also offer an extended VPK class, which is dismissed at 3:30pm instead of our regular VPK program, which is dismissed at 12:30pm.

Funding for the VPK program is linked not only to attendance but also to the success of our students upon entrance into Kindergarten.  Therefore, attendance during scheduled instructional days is imperative in order to remain in our VPK program.

In order to participate in the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Program, you must register your child with the Early Learning Coalition.  You will receive a certificate that you will in turn give to us in order to secure your child’s placement in our program.  If you have any questions regarding VPK, please call the Early Learning Coalition of Duval at (904) 208-2044.  Families registering a child in VPK are not required to pay a registration fee; however, there is a VPK Resource Fee of $585.00 due at the time of enrollment.  This fee covers all resource classes, i.e. PE, Music, and Hebrew.

Our four-year-old program offers an experience rich in early literacy, math, science and Hebrew.  With use of our top-rated ELLM curriculum our preschoolers are more than ready to make the leap into Kindergarten at any one of the public or private schools in the area.

Our preschool is center-based which provides opportunities for your child to develop self-confidence.  Each preschooler is encouraged to work at his/her own pace according to their individual needs and developmental readiness.  Computers are in their classrooms, which allow your child to practice and expand their technology skills.  Several fieldtrips are planned throughout the year including visits to museums & attending local theater performances. Overall our preschool offers the best, most well rounded program for any four years old.

Tzeeporim (VPK) Class Schedule

8:30                Child Directed Activities

9:00                Circle Time

9:30                Whole-group Literacy Lessons

9:50                Small Group Teacher Directed Activities / Child Directed Activities

10:45              Resource Specialty Classes

11:15              Outdoor Play

11:45              Clean Up & Lunch

12:30             Dismissal  – Half Day Students

12:30              Teacher Directed Curriculum Activities: Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science

1:00                Independent & Small Group Curriculum Activities

2:00                Afternoon Resource Class w/MJGDS specialty staff

2:30                Outdoor Play

3:00                Closing Circle time

3:30                Dismissal – full day program

This schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the children in the class.

Child Directed Activities may include – Mathematics and Science Exploration Center, I-Pad Center, Social Studies in the Housekeeping/Community Center Art and Music Center, Dramatic Center, Writing Center, Blocks and Library.