Parparim (3 year old class)

Our Parparim classes are for children 3 years of age by September 1, 2011.

Our three year old program is a smooth transition from our Kofim classes.  Children experience a hands-on exploration of their environment and are nurtured in a positive and socially rich setting that encourages individual growth and abilities.  Youngsters begin math readiness, pre-writing skills, pre-reading skills, PE, MUSIC, ART, an introduction to various authors and stories, cooking & continual daily experiences that promote growth and learning.

Your child will also have plenty of free exploration time, rotating through any and all of their classroom learning centers each day, learning through play, and making exciting discoveries. Lots of physical activity is implemented at various times throughout the day, whether it be on the children’s outdoor or indoor playground, or in the classroom.

Our teachers will provide your three year old with both fun and challenging activities which will stimulate mind development, creativity and physical fitness – all the while ensuring warm, responsive and responsible care.