Kofim (2 year old class)

Our Kofim classes are for children 2 years of age by September 1, 2011.

Our two year old program continues to have an extremely low child to teacher ratio.  This year is geared to encourage independence and introduce children to a multitude of experiences including cooking, gardening, creating, sharing & socializing, just to name a few.  All activities are presented in a positive, meaningful & developmentally appropriate manner.

Our two-year-old program has a large emphasis on continued verbal development and early math concepts. The teachers also focus on toilet training, socialization skills, small/large muscle control, music, art and dramatic play, among other fun and challenging activities, all in a supportive, loving environment. Older toddlers will begin to determine what it is they really enjoy through the exploration of their classroom learning centers. On any given day, children will rotate among art, reading, building, discovery science, dramatic play, math and manipulative centers. They will also get plenty of physical activity during daily play in our indoor playroom, our outdoor playground and with our fabulous PE instructor.