The DuBow Preschool is exactly the place we hoped it would be– home away from home.  We moved here in 2009 not knowing anyone.  Our oldest, Zoe, started at 3 years old, having never  been away from one of her parents for more than a few hours.  Our second child, Teagan, started at 2 years old– I planned to wait til she was 3, too,  but each day she came with me to drop her older sister she begged to stay!  She is so proud to wear her backpack into that school and hug all of her
 friends and teachers, for her, each day of school is like a Red Carpet event.  
The teachers are so loving, which we realized is more important than anything 
in a  preschool.  But, on top of that, the teachers are energetic, innovative, creative, and truly nurture each child’s mind and spirit AND their place in the classroom family.  We feel so lucky that we found the right place on the first try, when we know so many parents who are constantly switching schools. As parents, they have helped us to prepare for our role in our children’s education.  We are expecting our third child in the Spring, and it’s comforting to know I’ll get to keep coming back for several more years.                                              
              -Seth & Emily Carpenter

Both of my children have had wonderful experiences at the JJC Preschool.  It is evident to me that the teachers and staff truly care about our children and enjoy working with them.   Not only have my children developed a true love of learning but the preschool has helped to instill the values and ethics that are so important to my husband and I  as they grow into adults. Equally as important, they were well prepared for private school.    My children build their first friendships here and because of the close partnership between the preschool and MJGDS, I felt that they really knew my children and advancing from Pre-K to Kindergarten was a seamless transition.                                                                                                                                       -Gabrielle Bubis

We are on our third child attending the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool.  We keep coming back because our kids are happy.  My children sing the songs they learn at school every waking moment and ask to go to school on the days they don’t attend; I know the school is doing something right!  For the parents, it is an easy place to meet other parents.  The Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool is a warm environment that provides a fun and safe educational environment for our children.                                        -Bonnie Ruckh

The first time I walked into the JJC Preschool, I fell in love. Right from the start, I could tell that the staff put their heart and soul into the school. There was love and effort in every piece of art, every board design, every beautiful decoration, and especially every child’s name lovingly written on the walls. I knew my daughter would fall in love with it, and she did. Even before 18 months, she would wake up excited to go so school. Now at 2, she talks about her friends and teachers at school with such joy that it makes me smile in gratitude. And when she speaks a Hebrew word learned there, my heart swells with appreciation. The JJC staff are caring, genuine, and hardworking people who are devoted to the children and their early education. I am so grateful that my daughter is getting such a rich introduction to both Jewish and secular life, with music, art, books, food and games that she excitedly shows me at home. Thank you, JJC Preschool for giving my daughter everything I could have ever hoped for in a preschool, and more!

Michele B

Before we moved to Jacksonville one of the most important things to us was finding a good school  for our children.  After a little research, we found the JJC Preschool and decided to register our children. Three months have passed and we are absolutely thrilled to have our son attend the JJC Preschool.  We can tell that he is getting an excellent education while having a great time. It is clear that the preschool  is a nurturing and friendly environment where children can express themselves while being lovingly guided by very competent teachers. Our son loves his teachers and his friends.  We are so happy that we chose the JJC for our son. And most importantly – our son is so happy to go to school every day.

Roni & Efrat S

Since Elliana joined VPK in JJC, we have noticed a big improvement in her recognition of letters and numbers.  She really enjoys school and has a great time learning new things.  In addition to the regular weekly classes, such as Music, Hebrew and PE, the school also offers many different enrichment activities in which she participates.  She really enjoys learning songs in both English and Hebrew and loves to perform them to us at home.  All of the teachers are very passionate about what they do and provide the best possible experience for the children.  We are confident that Elliana will be ready for Kindergarten and are sure that this school is the best choice for her.

Victoria T

The JJC Preschool is a school that has offered us more than we ever expected.  We were pleasantly surprised with how connected we felt in such a short time.  The teachers and staff truly know and care about our daughter and her peers, and as parents, we too feel valued and appreciated.  Sofia is not only experiencing both secular and religious aspects of life, she is also learning how to be a mensch in a positive atmosphere.  It is so exciting to hear her singing Hebrew songs during the day, or asking to help set the table, or share with another so she can be recognized as a “mini-mensch.”  She has developed  respect for herself and others, she has learned dedication & self confidence, and with that it has resulted in a higher level of self-esteem in Sofia.   Their daily activities and interactions with their peers have taught Sofia to be a friend and team player. She loves school and looks forward to each day with excitement.  The Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool is a warm, nurturing and safe environment that provides a loving and fun filled day of learning.

Meredith F

Our son has been attending the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool for the last two years.  The Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool offers a secure and family-oriented environment.  Ethan has been more exposed to the Jewish religion and is always excited to celebrate all of the Jewish holidays.  We have been very happy with our decision of sending Ethan to the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool.

Bella L

We are thankful to have found such a warm and welcoming preschool.  It is encouraging to have Hannah in a school where Judaism is a large part of the curriculum.  Hannah has loving and caring teachers, which gives us piece of mind when being away from her during the day.  Reading, baking, and art projects are some of the many fun activities Hannah gets to do with her classmates.  We couldn’t ask for a better home away from home for our daughter.

Jaimee & Jamie K

Coming to Florida, VPK was a new concept for me.  My son started mid-year after a long distance phone call with Shereen.  I was so impressed with the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool after his few short months of attendance, that when it was time for my daughter’s preschool enrollment a year and a half later, there was no hesitation.  She has been attending for three years and I even sent all three of my children to Camp KiTov for two summers in a row.  I feel that the last three years have been more than just school.  It has truly been a place for child development, from academics to socializing, to religious training.  The Center has been more than just a place to watch my daughter during the day.  Her growth has been enriched by her experiences here and I can honestly say that my confidence with the staff extends to the privacy of my own home.

Andrea B

Over thirty years ago, my sister and I were students at the JJC preschool and its day school. Amazingly, many of our closest friends are these same classmates from more than three decades ago. It was important to us to offer our children the same wonderful opportunities that our parents provided us. There is something special about a place that produces loving and ethical kids while giving them a Jewish identity and an incredible foundation to higher learning. As a parent, there is no better feeling to know that my daughters are in such a nurturing and safe place, one where they can’t see a teacher or classmate without running up and giving them big hugs. The JJC Preschool family is just that- a family. There was no question that the best school for our children is here at the JJC Preschool.

David B

We have been a member of the JJC Preschool family for three years.  While there, my children have flourished both academically and socially in the warm and nurturing environment.  I have benefited from the wonderful sense of community as well.  I went through a medical crisis and the Center staff went out of their way to make it as stress-free as possible for me.  I am so glad I chose the Jax. Jewish Center preschool.  It was one of the best decisions I could have made!!!

Jami S

Going to preschool at the Jacksonville Jewish Center has been such a rewarding experience for my daughter. The staff is wonderful and the teachers are incredibly nurturing. The social skills she is learning in her classroom are invaluable.  I chose the JJC Preschool for its strong Jewish program and family atmosphere and I have not been disappointed. Abigail comes home singing Hebrew songs, talking about the Jewish Holidays and the fun time she has with her friends. It really warms my heart.  I cannot ask for a better preschool.

Rebecca  F

My children’s education could not have been matched anywhere else.  The JJC Preschool not only offered my children a great education with a terrific curriculum, but it presented an environment where they were safe and happy, while learning how to be independent.  Every aspect of life and learning that I could want my child to enjoy and more was afforded there.  The teamwork and dedication of the staff is second to none and it shows.  The family as a whole can participate in the beginning of their child’s journey which makes it exciting and inviting for all. The family at JJC Preschool has just the right mixture of love, care, attention to detail, diversity, creativity and intelligence that makes this school the most outstanding choice for any child and any family.

Stacy L

Since starting our daughter 4 years ago at the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool, we have had a truly amazing experience.  Because of the fabulous staff, wonderful education, great sense of community and warm and nurturing environment, we also chose to enroll our son a year ago.
Everyday we watch our children grow and thrive, not only educationally and Judaically, but as young people in the direction we want them to mature in.
It’s hard to say what is more fulfilling, seeing how excited and eager our children are to go to school each and every morning, or hearing them talk about all of the exciting things they learned at school each and every day.
The Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool is the foundation for our children’s future, and we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made in deciding which preschool to send our children to.

Sharon & Brad H

Our son, George, absolutely loves the JJC Preschool!  He has made many friends and continues to amaze us with what he is learning.  At Hannukah this year, we were astonished to hear him reciting the blessings for lighting the menorah. It’s just an example of the many things he is learning, both Jewish and secular.  We know the JJC Preschool is meeting all of our child’s needs by providing a safe, loving and Jewish environment.

Melanie & Ben S

My daughter has been attending the JJC Preschool for the past year, starting at age 17 months. As a family, our experiences with the Center have been very positive. We found the preschool to be providing our daughter and the other children with a warm and nurturing environment. The teachers are attentive, caring and child-oriented and the staff is willing to accommodate and assist with a variety of family needs. The preschool is being run by an exceptional combination of professionalism and care. Furthermore, academically, we are very satisfied with the school’s Jewish – Hebrew program, the attention to more “secular” academic topics and to the social and daily living skills preschoolers need to learn.

Karina J


We have had the privilege of sending our children through the JJC Preschool.  Through their experiences, they have begun to develop a love of learning and created many lasting friendships.  Their teachers take time to get to know them well so that they can have the best possible success and experience throughout preschool.  We have felt supported in every way by all of the staff as well.  We appreciate all that the preschool has done to provide a safe, caring, and Jewish atmosphere.  Thank you!

Rebekah and Andrew S

We are so happy that we chose the Jacksonville Jewish Center Preschool for our children. Deciding who will educate and care for precious little ones is always a nerve-wracking proposition – we couldn’t be more pleased with the loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment we have found. The JJC understands that each child is special, and provides the perfect, safe atmosphere for each child to develop as an individual. This, in turn, fosters self esteem and confidence, making the JJC Preschool the perfect first step for a child’s entry into the Jewish community and the world.

Rich and Nancy D